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I provide unique abstract photo art work which has soul and is grounded in my meditation practise. My creative expression is about capturing the soul, spirit or essence of people. In the same way kirlian photography captures the aura I attempt to capture the spirit .When doing self portraits I couldn't quite get the emotional connection I wanted so I went deeper and started to make the images more abstract until I got to place of connection with them.

Most people don't like photos of themselves and I think its important to be seen for who we are rather than what we look like. Stress, anxiety, depression and self worth issues tend to be the norm for most of us. We all want to fit in and be accepted. Our mental health can be adversely affected when we don't fit in or feel accepted by the people around us, and the alienation can be overwhelming and detrimental to overall well-being. To be able to have a representation of who we are and what we stand for visually can feel more genuine to our sense of self than the physical appearance.

You can brighten up any space and give it character with my work and you won't find anything like it anywhere else The fantastic thing is too that the images are deeply personal to the person, but shown abstractly to the world. They may never know the deeper meaning behind them unless you tell them.


I've been digitally exhibited in several galleries across Europe and the UK. My work has also been featured in online magazines and instagram galleries.

I am available for commissions for you to have your souls interpretation out in the world. 

The images you see on here and my social media came out of self isolation during the global pandemic exploring self expression and mental health. Each one is representative of me in some way and deeply personal. They are all for sale in the Art Store. Feel free to get in touch if you like any and they're not in the store yet and I'll sort it for you. 


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