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Living Consciously

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Through Mindfulness, Meditation & Healing

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My name is Cat and I have been meditating for over 20years. I have sat 18 Vipassana Courses, and I have come to realise that life is interconnected and constantly changing, and when we allow it to be as it is, we can free ourselves from a lot of stress and anxiety.


Instead of trying to make Life the way we think it should be, and protecting a false separate self, we can start accepting It the way 'it is' and realise the Oneness of all Life. This allows us to live in service of It and see the Divine in all that we encounter.

I am an intuitive Healer, Reiki & Sekhem Master and a Coach. I am also a mindfulness and meditation teacher. I see a bigger interconnected picture of Life, and can act as a guide to those who invite me. 

I get asked a lot for absent healing, and wanted to create something tangible so it can be accessed as and when they need it. I created some universal Reiki infused videos to support health and wellbeing. I also provide personalised ones that are attuned to your frequency and intentions - like having your own cosmic energy medicine on hand. You can see one in the 'explore' tab.

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