Exploring Consciousness

Awaken to your Self

Understanding the Self and how Life works changes everything.
Knowing the Self expands consciousness and transforms experiences and Life's ability to fully express Itself through Itself

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My life has been an interesting and somewhat unusual journey. I've been compelled my whole life to Know my Self.
I have come to realise that there is only consciousness interacting with Itself and conforming to Itself  so know I hold space for infinite consciousness to be present to clear blocks, release stories and projections that limit Life's free expression through me.

Life has taken on a different meaning for me since acknowledging all to be consciousness manifested and I experience Life as miraculous every day.



Presence in Consciousness

All of Life is consciousness interacting with and expressing through Itself. Knowing the Self as being infinite perfect consciousness seemingly appearing and interacting with Itself, it soon became apparent that there is no one to forgive or blame for anything for all I have experienced I have called to my Self unconsciously because of the judgements and beliefs I was holding in consciousness. It has to be

so for consciousness is continually conforming to Itself for Itself and within Itself. 

Life and It's experiences move from where they start. A worry dwelled upon becomes bigger, however nothing has happened anywhere apart from in consciousness and the experience is felt as if a real event occurred. Projections, stories and beliefs create all the situations that are experienced because consciousness must conform to Itself for there is no thing and no where else. 

Whatever I see is through and within me so anything I dislike, resist or try to control is only Self fighting with Self for Life is just conforming to the frequencies being emitted. I make the changes within me and the outer picture conforms to my Knowing. Now I hold space for Life to be free through me. I clear and deny anything other than infinite perfect consciousness being present and through that Knowing, It reveals Itself.  My work is similar to Ho'oponopono - I am responsible for all I see and experience so any discord I see I have to clear within me .

I am also a Meeting Truth Teacher