Meditation Class

Clearing Consciousness Session

Join me in the Presence of Infinite perfect consciousness where there are no limitations present and experience the joy of Knowing the Self free and unhindered.

Sessions are either 1-2-1 or possibly in a group depending on numbers on your chosen day. They can be received online or in person depending on location. Book below then contact me to arrange a time.


Meditation Coaching

Meditation is the simplest thing in the world however it's not the easiest. 

After several years of meditation and going through the pains and many questions it brought up I now offer you my support and experience on your journey.  

Coaching can support 'you' in making deep changes within yourself and finding the inner peace that is there for you  

Sessions are online and we can meet if local.

What people are saying about the sessions - 
*fabulous *profound *healing *mind blowing *really special *incredible *awesome *never felt so peaceful *felt a deep connection to my soul *a sense of Love and Joy within *all my worries seemed trivial * the pain I'd had for years was gone