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I hope you find something of interest. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch

Reiki Healing

Absent Healing & Manifestation Video's & Music

I have created a unique way to receive personalised absent healing via music and video. These are your personally aligned prescription to be  accessed at any time that is right for you.

They can also be to help remove blocks to abundance, love and health etc and make excellent gifts for loved ones who need extra support. See the example video below

See the others of the universal ones here

 Buy one here then get in touch to arrange your personalised healing session

Meditation Class


Are you struggling with mental health challenges and would like to bring mindfulness and meditation into your life? I offer 1-2-1 sessions to help you either start, maintain or deepen your practise..  I also offer courses and retreats. Prices on request and venue dependant. Please get in touch to find out more

Meditation Class


If you need 1-2-1 support with navigating the challenges of life, mental well bring and being the best you can be. knowing yourself to be. If you want accountability, empathy, compassion and a clear direction. £45 30 minute sessions.  Please feel free to get in touch

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Spiritual Animal Healing Program

Have you ever wondered what your animal companion is tell by to tell you? Do you want to deepen your connection with them?


The Spiritual Animal Healer Program might be just what you need.


You receive 6 distant attunements to help you develop your ability to connect with your animal companions and more. There are 6 pdf manuals included that have been passed on by the originator.


The beauty of this is that once you've  received you're attunements you are able to sell them on. It's important to know that these attunements must not be given away for free.

The 6 attunement and manuals that will support your endeavours will be sent digitally and you must allow a week between each attunement to let the energies settle and to get used to using them.

I have embedded the attunements in music so they feel more tangible.


Please feel free to get in touch to order yours or to ask me further information 

If you would like more information please get in touch 

Free Healing Sessions 

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