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Meditation Class

Mindset Coaching

Coaching is such a powerful tool. I love it and have regular sessions myself to keep me accountable and on track.

I offer you sessions that can lead to breakthroughs, gaining clarity and finding new directions. It is such a gift to yourself to have a focused mind, ready to support you in achieving anything you put your mind to.


Sessions £55 each or for those who already love Coaching and know the importance of it I offer you 10 sessions for £500 saving you £50.

Meditation & Mindfulness  Coaching

Meditation is the simplest thing in the world however it's not the easiest. 

After several years of mindfulness and meditation I now offer you my support and experience on your journey.  

Coaching can support you in making deep changes within yourself, change habits and behaviours and to find the inner peace that is there for you . 

Sessions are online.

(Same offer as above also applies)

What people are saying about the sessions - 
*fabulous *empowering *healing *mind blowing *really special *incredible *awesome *never felt so peaceful *I have clarity that I never had before *I realised that I love being held accountable it really inspires me on to succeed 

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