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My students asked me to create a guided Mindfulness Meditation session for them to help to bring them into the present moment. So here it is!

I hope this helps you when you need to take some time out and connect to yourself and let go of the day.

Would love to hear how you get on with it

Hope you enjoy it.

November 2, 2014

We all need some support with regulating our mental health and coping mechanisms. Meditation is an incredible tool. I have created this video to bring you into the present moment and then lead you into silence. If you struggle to keep your attention focused then why not practice these steps over the next 14 days...

Start at Day1 and follow on each day. Please feel free to contact me for support throughout. 

Mindfulness Challenge

Day 1 Take time throughout the day to notice everything around you and tune into your environment. Slow yourself down and you might be surprised at what you notice around you.

Day 2 Perhaps each hour take time to consciously notice your breath throughout the day. Don't try to change it, just be aware of it 

Day 3 Put all your attention into each action you undertake and make it into something more than a means to an end. Wash the dishes slowly and mindfully, eat your food slowly and mindfully. 

Day 4 Pay attention to your thoughts as an observer - notice what you are thinking. If you feel yourself anxious or stressed take time to become aware of the thoughts behind the feelings. Remember it is only a thought and you are safe.

Day 5 Stop every hour and take some slow deep breathes to refresh and energise yourself, take note of how you are feeling then carry on. This brings you back to the present moment and out of the story you may have been caught in prior to do this.

Day 6 Notice the present moment - what is happening now as opposed to what is happening in your thoughts. Is there anything you need to fix at this moment? You might start to notice that there is usually not a lot going on that need attention apart from the thoughts you are having that are impacting the quality of the present moment.

Day 7 Notice how you feel and how the sensations in your body make you feel, and notice the reactions they create within you. Someone may trigger you during the day and there is always a physical reaction. See if you can just be with the sensations that are brought up rather than reacting outwardly. Sometimes it is important to react outwardly but in time you get used to what needs attention and what needs to be observed from within.

Day 8 Notice the resistances you have to what is happening around you or through your interactions with others without reacting to them. Feel how your thoughts affect you physically and the interactions that ensue. 

Day 9 Start a meditation practice - close you eyes and start counting your breath for 5 minutes before you start the day. Use the above audio as a way of leading yourself into meditation. Count on each in breath. Breathe in count 1, breathe in count 2 etc until you reach 10 then start again at 1. There is no race and it doesn't matter if you count to much or lose your place just start again at 1.

Day 10 Notice is you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed and if there is anything happening in your outer picture in the moment that is causing you to feel that way. If not, look within and see if you can understand what the reaction is triggered by.

Day 11 Introduce 5 minutes counting meditation before going to bed and/or when you wake in the morning

Day 12 Find a group to meditate with and start to increase how long you sit for

Day 13 Keep a background awareness of your breath and how you are feeling in every moment

Day 14 Notice how different you feel from when you started and make notes of the changes and differences you feel

Mindfulness Challenge: Resources and Tips
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