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Preference of Acceptance ?

While contemplating this morning on the perfection of Life, I realized that preference plays a big part in our experience of perfection.

For example; if you decide today to see all as perfect while experiencing pain or a difficulty, it would be easy to assume that this is not perfect. A thought process decided that being pain-free is perfect and pain is not. However, if our vibration - thoughts we emit - has called this experience to us, then it is in perfect response to our (unconscious) request.

The perfection in this instance is missed and not seen as an opportunity to accept what has been created - or why it has been created. Fear, worry and stress all add to creating the perfection that you receive, while disowning the cause or reason why you are receiving it.

Having a preference hinders us from seeing the perfection in all things because we have a hierarchy of what we accept as being perfect for us. Like the old saying, 'we don't always get what we want, but we always get what we need'. In all situations, everything that is happening is happening for us. It is there to help us. Brene Brown has a lovely phrase ' this is not happening to me it is happening for me'.

When seen in this way it is easier to accept our situation and it also offers us an opportunity to review our thought process' and maybe understand how and why we are having the experiences we are having. When we have preferences, we are resisting 'what is', which in turn creates an anxiety. If we have a preference, and are not identified with it, then if we are unable to 'have' our preference we are more able to accept the alternative.

Preferences are just thoughts that we have given superiority over another. They can restrict us and create imbalances in us until our preference has been achieved. When we can see how the preference is containing and limiting us, it can assist with freeing us from its grip. Whatever is happening - 'good' or 'bad' it is all perfect and a great guide to show us how we are causing our own problems.

Discernment is slightly different. Discernment allows us to learn from our past thoughts and experiences. By listening to our gut instincts and taking action on them, we are taking precautions we have been pre-warned about. We wouldn't take risks for the sake of taking risks, we would take precautions against them. If however, something does happen that causes challenge or upset, then we deal with it. There is no preference in the middle of a situation, we deal with it. The preference comes later.

No-one would knowingly put themselves in danger, however, knowing of a danger allows us to take precautions to avoid it. Notice in yourself how much resistance there is to not getting your preferences met and ask if it served or hindered you.

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