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Are You Resisting Life ?

It fascinates me how much people defend their lives, whether they are happy or not. The way that we will do whatever it takes to 'cheat death' and defy the ageing process.

Do you ever wonder why? In the end we will all age and die so why do we live as if it is a punishment and something that 'shouldn't happen to me'? It's nature and it's natural. We live as if this is all a mistake that we must protect ourselves from and insure ourselves against.

While we inhabit bodies, the body will age and it will die. No matter what we do, we cannot change that. We age and we die, so why not let it happen and embrace it? Enjoy and flow with life instead of being scared of it.

Death and ageing are not personal, they are natural. Wouldn't it be kinder on ourselves to enjoy each phase of life, learn from each experience and move on ready to embrace whatever comes next? I'm not talking about giving up, I'm talking about acceptance. Acceptance brings peace and an ability to not take life personally. When we resist we set ourselves up for problems, stress and heartache.

Especially when we are resisting something that cannot be undone or changed.

It feels like we've been brought up on a lie about life. A lie that keeps us struggling and striving, resisting and avoiding what life really is rather than what we think it should be. Every day we see images of people with better lives than us, more money than us and more opportunities than us. How does that affect you?

This lie keeps us from being fulfilled. Instead of being happy with our life we feel an underlying sense that we are not good enough, have not achieved enough and that we are ultimately failures. We feel like we have to be, do or achieve something to be of any worth. It's not a great feeling.

On the other hand, when we realise that life just 'is', and that we are not at the effect of 'it' but the cause of it, we can start to live each experience, instead of defending ourself against what life really is - up's and down's, high's and low's, good and bad.

Yielding and flowing with life allows for a fuller experience of 'life'. It can be seen more as life unfolding naturally, instead of bad luck that has to be avoided at all costs. Being on the defensive of life is exhausting and completely futile. Is it time to take a new approach to life and how we live it?

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