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What Is Meditation?

There is so much written about meditation and so much unknown. Perhaps people are trying to understand something that they need to experience...

I hear a lot from people that they don't have time to meditate, that they fall asleep or that it induces panic attacks in them. All that is the result of an untrained mind. A mind that is being dragged around from one thing to another without logic or understanding.

Meditation brings clarity and peace so once you get over the hurdles that the weak mind has created then you are free to start regaining peace.

Life seems to be set up for us to experience one challenge after another, and we can feel overwhelmed and buried under the weight of it all. Once you stop and look around you start to realise that there is usually nothing really going on apart from the noise in your head.

If you observed your thoughts you may be surprised to notice that they are either rooted in the past or the future but not on what is actually happening 'now'. That can be a huge revelation for some and the realisation can be the first step to becoming more self aware.

We don't go into meditation to relax, we go into meditation with curiosity, a strong will to observe and become aware of ourself, our mind and our reactions to the sensations that occur within us. When you close your eyes and go to sleep that is not meditation and it will not serve any purpose on your path to developing a deeper understanding of yourself and your psychology.

Meditation is active and may be the toughest thing you do. However, the more you persevere the more you break down the barriers to peace. The more aware you become of your thoughts and how they affect you the more detached you become from them and wonder why you ever believed them in the first place.

Try to notice your thoughts and the sensations that they stir in your body, then see the reaction that follows. Someone may say something you don't like and you feel anger build in your body, or someone may say pleasant things to you and you notice the different sensations you feel and the experience the different reactions that follow.

We are all reacting to sensations in our body. Through deep meditation and determined practice you start to see yourself clearer and gain a sense of personal responsibility and emotional intelligence. Most of the world are reacting to sensations in their body and causing mayhem around them.

Start slowly and build up. Try the 14 day mindfulness challenge then really get involved in your meditation practice. If you want peace and more self awareness then meditation will be a wonderful practice for you.

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