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Staying In The Moment

Have you ever noticed how much stress you create for yourself when projecting thoughts and ideas into the future? When you have thoughts about what you will do, what will happen and how you will fix something? If so, you are creating problems for yourself that don’t exist.

Adding potentials to your life can be very disruptive and cause you to feel anxious. The things you worry about are only in your mind, not in actuality, so they don’t exist. When you look at this moment and ask yourself, what do I need now to make this moment any better than it is, it will be rare that you find an answer.

In this moment I have everything I need, in this moment I am peaceful, and in this moment I have no need of anything.

As an example, I was walking home after already walking 7 miles. I could feel a blister on my foot. I noticed that my mind was thinking - I’ll never get back home I’m still about a mile away, and my foot is killing me… I could feel my body tense against each step and the resistance in me to carry on was getting strong. In that moment I took a deep breathe and started saying to myself over and over -there is only this moment and there is only this step.

My breathing relaxed, and my body relaxed. When I took the thought of time and the overwhelm of the whole journey out of my mind, and took one step after another in the present moment, I made it home fine.

When we add thoughts of the future to our life we create imbalances and dis-satisfaction with the present moment within us, and then react to the overwhelm that is caused, when actually we are only imagining it and it is not anything we have to concern ourselves with in this moment.

Our thoughts when unmonitored create most of our problems. When we realise that our thoughts are the result of a conditioned human mind, and not who we are, detaching from them can become easier.

Perhaps to keep yourself out of reactions and projections of thoughts, remind yourself that you are not a separate human being, you do not exist as a separate person, and all of Life is happening within consciousness.

'You' are consciousness appearing as what you see, you and all that exists are 99.9% empty space and everything in the universe is the same one infinite consciousness manifested.

Life is experiencing Itself through Itself and within Itself for there is no-thing outside of infinity. It is all consciousness aware of Itself, so all that exists is Itself experiencing Itself and sustaining Itself. What then is left to worry about?

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