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Meditation To Know The Mind

The mind is pliable and changes according to where you focus your attention

and the train of thoughts you attach too.

Thoughts are not chosen, we don’t consciously choose our thoughts, they emerge within us and depending on where we put our attention or what resonates with us depends on the nature of thoughts you attach to or resonate with and experience.

Thoughts have no power of their own. We give them all the power they have because of what they mean to us and what we believe about them, and then have experiences that reflect them.

Albert Einstein said ‘you can’t fix the problem with the same mind that created it”.

Meaning you have to let go of your usual way of dealing with challenges and find a new way. One that gives you space for a eureka moment.

Most of our challenge come from social conditioning and we have to discern what is valid, helpful and true for ourself. When we question what a thought is based on, what is giving it power, and why it affects us the way it does then we can have a different and perhaps more detached perspective.

Quantum physics has shown through the observer effect that whoever is looking at anything changes it according to their thoughts and beliefs. Along with the plasticity of the brain and confirmation bias we are creating scenarios, beliefs and associations that we believe to be true based on information that is fallible.

Meditation can help you become more Self aware, more aware of your thoughts and not at their behest. Through observing and noticing thoughts rather than attaching to them you can become more aware of them and how they affect you. Most importantly, why a particular thought affects you.

What do your thoughts trigger in you that you react to? Asking yourself what you are reacting to and what are you defending, can help you to understand why are your thoughts seem so important.

Mindfulness and meditation practices can allow you to detach from the constant noise in your head and just notice them without reaction to them, and gain a clearer understanding of them and what they trigger in you.

Most of us live in reaction to our thoughts and beliefs. Do you ever wonder where are they happening? They are only ever and always happening within yourself. I think that is why it is so scary for some to stop and be still and silent because they don’t want to hear what the noise in their head is saying.

Confronting the noice and voices in our head can free us from them. It can potentially give you another perspective and open yourself up to a new inquiry of the nature of the mind.

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