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Where is Your Consciousness

I don’t usually start my articles in such a way, however I was given a vision that I felt to share. ..

I could really see the extent of the conditioning of society. How councils are not given what is needed for the community and how London is controlling their own agenda and spending the money where they see fit rather than where we want it to be spent…

I also saw how it is it able to be happen. It is all a product of our conditioning, and that people really are asleep and believing and accepting the stories that they are being downloaded 24/7. We are effectively saying to ‘those in power’ treat us how you want and we will just complain for a while then adapt to your policies and the agendas you are dictating to us. I also think the veil is getting thinner and more people are able to see things for what they are.

Our consciousness is precious and should be nurtured, and only what we want to experience should be allowed in. When we are careful with what we allow into our awareness and therefore consciousness, we can stay strong in truth - that all that exists is Life experiencing Itself.

Whatever we focus on we give permission to take over our consciousness and therefore become our experience. We are fully equipped for this Life experience we are having. Life is continually supportive of Itself and that can be your experience day to day when you allow it to be so.

You are what you need. You are a powerful creator and your consciousness is the key to what you create for your self to experience. Staying strong in where you allow your consciousness to be and making time for meditation is going to help to keep you strong and aligned with yourself and true nature of Life. Live in Joy, Love, Abundance and possibility instead of fear, worry, guilt, anxiety and depression. All of that is a product of social conditioning to keep you dumbed down and afraid to shine.

Instead of being a media zombie, constantly on the phone or social media remove yourself from that and focus on your inner wellbeing. In a world where we can easily be connected via the internet there has never been so much mental health challenges, loneliness, depression and isolation. Is that a sign of a healthy society?

You’re fed the dream - money, house, kids, love and romance. An ideal to strive for that keeps you locked in the system - paying a mortgage and working in jobs you hate til you die. There is no freedom in the system the freedom is in ourselves. When our consciousness is filled with fear from the media and 24/7 indoctrination then there is no room for belief in love, joy and

hope because fear runs everything.

Everyone is searching in the world ‘out there’ for the thing that will make them feel good but it is not to be found in the world ‘out there’. That is just a product of mass social conditioning manifested. All we are seeing is other peoples consciousness played out. Its not pretty is it? Are you contributing to it or taking steps to protect yourself from the consciousness that keeps you small and afraid?

When you realise that you are perpetuating this nightmare then you can stop participating in it. Remove yourself from the news and popular thoughts. Don’t support what is being feb to you via the media, and stop engaging with it. When you no longer engage with it it has no power over you because it has been removed from your consciousness.. If we don’t listen to the mass

social conditioning programme then we are unaware of it.

If you truly want to shine, take charge of yourself what you allow into your consciousness.

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