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Finding My Flow

After a big upheaval and a lot of resistance to change recently, I realised that I had lost my passion and purpose for life. I have always felt strongly that I was here to help, empower and support others. It occurred to me that if I want to help others then I will always attract those that need help. I decided I want to see whole, healthy and happy people, and all those that ‘needed help’ disappeared from my consciousness and experience.

Life is always showing us ourself to ourself through the people, situations and circumstances that we encounter. If I do not own or accept situations or people then I am resisting something that I have not accepted within myself. All of life tends to be lived in reaction and resistance to our thoughts. Generally, if we like them then we have good feelings, if we dislike them we have ‘bad’ feelings and will do anything to avoid it happening again. However, all of it is the same thing seen in a different light. We can’t know one without the other and when we accept all of it we become whole and stop resisting Life.

Seeing others as problems, challenges, in need of fixing etc is a call to ourselves to accept the aspects we are judging and to embrace them as part of the Self and the human experience. We tend to live in a state of resistance and reaction to our thoughts or in acceptance and allowing of it all.

I decided to take time to myself and focus on being creative as a way of giving me time to Be. I knew that I didn’t want to get up every day and do the same thing and nothing gave me any real sense of passion. While I love expressing through my art I see it as more or an outlet than something I want to do all the time.

I love talking to people and finding out about them. It fascinates me how many different ways we live our lives. Out of the blue I had the thought of having an interview podcast where I can shine a light on others by allowing them to share with me what it’s like to walk in their shoes and to understand them on a deeper level outside of the usual things they are known for. I have contacts in the TV and film industry that I am currently reaching out to to invite as guests so we can discover another side to them apart from their latest offering. For the first time in ages I feel excited about something and can’t wait to get started.

Once this decision was made, life brought me people who could support and help me put it together and it has been on a roll ever since. After feeling like I have struggled and hustled for so long I feel like I have found my flow and something that makes me feel excited to get up everyday. I let go of the resistance to change and opened up to accepting and allowing my flow to be expressed in a different way than before.

Once I accepted all of me – the good, bad and ugly – through self reflection and the situations, people and circumstances I was resisting, I started to feel free and more authentic in my self expression on a deeper level than previously experienced. I feel open to new opportunities and allowing Life to show me where I am now that I have relaxed and accepted all of my Self.


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