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Life Has No Meaning Of Its Own

The infinite perfect nature of Life/Pure Consciousness that is already established just Is. It has no agenda or purpose and is impersonal.

Infinite Consciousness is expressing and experiencing Itself through Itself and within Itself. The seeming separation, people and situations are all a result of this.

The perfection of Life is eternal, ever present and infinite. As consciousness expressing Itself, it is that (seeming people) which projects any meaning onto It.

All stories, beliefs and emotionally charged words and feelings are the projection onto perfection that create the individual life stories. Each is different and each is unique to the frequencies being emitted. However, it is all the same things being experienced accordingly.

Life is a blank canvas being bombarded with imperfect thoughts which are then reflected back as Life conforms to Itself. The blank canvas remains intact, unchanged and always perfect, it just seems to be otherwise.

Thoughts are felt immediately. A thought held and felt within has an immediate affect within consciousness. A memory can invoke sadness or happiness in the present moment. Life is continually reacting to Itself.

The present moment, without projection is infinitely pure and perfect. Each moment that stories are being told and projected onto Life/Consciousness is a block to Knowing Its perfection Now. Without context Life just Is.

Knowing the pure and perfect nature of all that exists allows Life to Be. It is freeing to live moment to moment Knowing this. When there are no blocks in consciousness there are no blocks in experience. When there are no stories about others there are no experiences of problems with ‘others’.

Life is continually being perpetuated through participation. Adding agenda’s beliefs and problems in consciousness keeps them alive and available for interaction. When that stops and consciousness is free from thinking of Itself as a separate human being and instead Knows Itself as infinite perfect Life

experiencing Itself, It is allowed free and full expression through that Knowing.


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